Roof Insulation

At UAC Roofing Contractors we have been providing roof insulation for over 10 years and offer a range of high quality and standards driven roof insulation services. Our spray roof insulation can be applied to both industrial and domestic properties and can help resolve a range of problems from leeks to cold drafts.

At UAC Roofing Contractors our focus is on providing as little disruption to both home and business owners while we carryout our work. This is one of the reasons why we adopted the foam spray roof insulation approach to roofing insulation. Using the spray means that we rarely need to use scaffolding, can use it in homes without cordoning areas off (as it uses no potentially harmful gases or fibres) and is quick and easy.

If you are looking to insulate your home then we can help as we offer full home roof insulation services. Our home roofing insulation not only improves the thermal conditions of your property but helps to dramatically reduce your home heating costs. Insulation can reduce heat loss by as much as 80% and keep your home warm in the winter while also cool in the summer. Figures from the Energy Saving Trust also show that insulation can save home owners as much as $150 each year on energy bills with insulation.

If your home is older than thirty years then it is likely that you will need to upgrade your home roof insulation. This is because older insulation types offer weaker thermal properties and become worn over time. They are also less energy efficient than newer insulation types.

UAC Roofing Contractors home roof insulation service is available nationwide and offers some of the following benefits:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Improves thermal conditions within the home
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Only takes 3 days to install
  • Ensures your home is upto correct energy saving standards
  • Competitive prices
  • Light roof repairs included

Improved Home Comfort

Insulation is particularly effective at improving your homes room temperatures. Insulation such as spray foam can provide warm conditions in the winter and cool conditions during the summer. This is done through controlling your homes airflow.

Recent research shows that thermal insulation could help reduce carbon emissions and save upto 350 million tonnes in waste by 2010. This is because insulation reduces the amount of wasted energy in your home. Essentially poor or no insulation results in heat loss which escapes in to the atmosphere.

Prevents Condensation Build-up

Condensation can be a huge problem within some homes and home insulation can be used to resolve the problem. This is because it helps control airflow and stops the build-up of moisture in the air.

Why Us?

Why Us?

Our roofing contractors provide quality roofing services, workmanship and customer service that surpasses industry standards and customer expectation.